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Frequently Asked Questions About Managing Your Account on Our Website

The software we are using is Get Connected by Galaxy Digital, and they have some great online help for managing your account. But we still have frequent questions and specific recommendations for our website. Click on the + sign to see answers! Email us if you have more questions or a suggestion of something else we should add. 

The biggest complaint we have from all our customers is "I never heard back." 

YOU - the agency registered on our website - you are the professionals in this relationship. You have to respond when people reach out to you based on what you posted on our website.  There is nothing more discouraging to someone ready to help than to be ignored when they reach out to volunteer. 

That response could be: "Thank you for your interest, here is a link back to the opportunity, please see in the description that we require you to complete this form and email it back to us first....." 
"Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We actually filled this position last month. Your response reminded me that it is still active on the Volunteer Center website. I'm taking it down today. If you don't mind I'll keep your contact information and let you know if we have an opening in the future." 
"Thank you for your interest in volunteering, I'm so sorry we didn't get back to you sooner. We've had a staff change and I'm just now going back to respond to all who expressed interest in volunteering over the last 2 months. If you are still interested, here are the next steps...."

Or whatever works for you BUT please respond to potential volunteers!! 

Also, know that you'll have the same experience of not hearing back, so you have to plan for it. You'll have volunteers express interest, then never reply to your email asking for confirmation and never show up... or maybe simply show up because they thought because they responded on the website that was all they had to do. You might put a sentence in the description that says you require an email confirmation - then when you email them, repeat that and say you must get a response from them along with the info you need or you'll remove their 'response' from that opportunity. Whatever you think might work to get them to get back to you.

But more than anything, please respond back when potential volunteers express interest!