Donations & Collections

Hotlink Email

We send our bi-weekly Hotlink email list of items available for donation to the 1,000+ agencies registered with us. Interested organizations then contact you directly to arrange pick up.  

We list donations of home and office furniture, equipment, medical equipment, and much more. All items must be in good condition or better. We do not include clothing, linens, books, or food. (See the bottom of this page for lists of organizations that may accept these items.)

To list items for donation, please email the following information to

  • a brief description of the item
  • the condition of the item (must be in good condition or better)
  • the city where the donation will be picked up
  • how you would like to be contacted (email and/or phone)

Information Regarding Tax Deductions: In order for donors to deduct the value of a charitable donation from their taxes, the organization receiving the donation must be considered a qualified organization by the IRS. Organizations are required to provide the donor with a receipt acknowledging the donation. The receipt should include the name and address of the organization, along with the date and a description of the item donated. This can be in the format of a letter on the organization's letterhead.

While the majority of organizations in our database are nonprofit or government organizations qualified to receive donations, some are not. There are some for-profit nursing homes registered with us, as well as some nonprofits such as sports clubs that may not be qualified to receive donations. If you have a question about the suitability of the organization, you can  email us or use the IRS's online organization check tool.

More information about charitable donations can be found in  IRS Publication 526: Charitable Contributions. This document also includes information about how to calculate the value of donated goods.



  • BikeMatchMoCo is a free service enabling people with extra, unused bicycles to donate them directly to individuals who need a bike. 



  • Medical Loan Closet of the Lutheran Church of St. Andrew generally accepts walkers, bedside commodes, crutches, canes, wheelchairs. motorized carts, disposable underwear, dressings, prescription formulas, knee immobilizers, enteral feeding, and stoma suppies/equipment. Contact Marilee Tollefson, 301-384-4394 or
  • Some local fire stations accept crutches, wheelchairs, and related equipment for loan to area residents.
  • The Montgomery County Commission on People with Disabilities has compiled a list of medical equipment loan closets that may accept certain types of medical equipment donations. 



If you aren't able to find an organization to accept your items for donation, try Craigslist or Freecycle, or visit the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection's recycling and disposal information page.