50+ Volunteer Network

Connecting Skilled Volunteers with Nonprofits in Need


This unique county initiative focuses on the rapidly growing 50+ population seeking purposeful volunteer opportunities.  Through personal consultations, the program effectively helps committed volunteers discover opportunities at nonprofit and government agencies needing assistance. The 50+ Volunteer Network offers a valuable resource for agencies and engages volunteers who want to give back to the community by using their lifetime of professional and personal experiences.
 Are you a nonprofit or government agency that:

  • Needs to accomplish more with fewer resources?
  • Can benefit from skilled and experienced volunteers at no additional cost?
  • Wants assistance with developing skills-based opportunities and recruiting volunteers? 
Our volunteers have time, a commitment to service, and specific skills, experience, and interests.   They are ready to help your organization in the capacity you need including:
  • Ongoing organizational support – editing a newsletter, providing administrative and client intake service, managing a program, or as a member of your board 
  •  Short-term consulting projects, such as grant-writing, accounting, strategic planning, marketing, web design, and IT help
  • Direct services to your clients, including tutoring or mentoring programs, teaching adult literacy, or providing career counseling to those in transition 

The 50+ Volunteer Network supports you by helping you identify your skills-based needs, develop these opportunities, and recruit for the positions, so you can easily harness the talents of these skilled volunteers.

How Does Your Organization Participate?
- Join our next training on Wednesday, October 4 at 1 pm by clicking here to register!
- Be sure your organization has an active account on our website. If not, click here to register.
- Consider opportunities, including organizational support and direct services to clients, that would be a good fit for skilled 50+ volunteers. Note: These opportunities may be ones that you currently have posted on our website, plan to post for the greatest reach, or would like to keep confidential within the Network for screening purposes. 
- Can't wait for the training or have an immediate pressing question? Click here to schedule a brief phone conversation with a 50+ Volunteer Network Organization Coordinator.

For more information, email [email protected].