Nonprofits and Government Volunteers in Response to COVID-19

Our thoughts are with all our partners and the whole community in this challenging time. The Montgomery County Volunteer Center website remains as an active resource for local organizations to recruit volunteers and solicit donations. We are working with county departments, the Office of Emergency Management, and with other community organizations responding to needs. 

What Should Nonprofits & Govt Organizations Do? 

  • If you have current needs for volunteers post new "opportunities", or update existing ones. 
  • If your opportunities are dealing with response to COVID-19 / Coronavirus, include “Emergency Responsein the “Interests & Abilities” field
  • If you are requesting donations of money or other resources in response to the Coronavirus – add those requests as “opportunities”. 
  • You can also identify "Virtual" volunteer opportunities now specifically by selecting "Virtual - volunteer at home" in the "Interests & Abilities" field. 
  • Be in touch with your existing corps of volunteers to let them know the status of your organization. If you want to reach all volunteers that have responded to you in the past on our website you can find them when you login by clicking on the "STATS" tab and setting the dates to span the whole time you've been registered.
  • If you have active opportunities on our website that need to be changed and should no longer be active, try changing the “duration” to “runs until” and pick a date in the past so they will expire and no longer show to the public. 
  • Share the Guidance for Non-Clinical Volunteers with partners and community groups that you might be working with.

COAD - Community Organizations Active in Disaster

If your organization wants to be involved on an ongoing basis as one that is responding to community needs in times of emergency, learn more about Montgomery County COAD, and sign up to join.

If you have resources you want to share in the current emergency - even if you are not a COAD member - you can report those here

Community Volunteers / Unaffiliated Volunteers 

There is a huge outpouring of good will from individuals and volunteers who want to be involved in helping those most impacted by this current situation.

If you are working with community groups developing their own neighborhood networks to respond, please share this document with them: Guidance For Non-Clinical Volunteers developed by Montgomery County's Office of Emergency Management and Health Department.
We have a page on our website that focuses volunteers on how they can respond to COVID-19
The Volunteer Center team is available and working together with you to make sure our website is a useful tool for our whole community to bring us together in this difficult time. 

Questions? Need Help? 

If you want help with entering your organization and volunteer opportunities on our website or have other questions

email or  
You can also call and leave a message at 240-777-2600. 
See our FAQs for Agencies page with answers to the most-asked questions about Volunteer Center website.
We know that this will be a long term situation and needs and responses will continue to change. Please keep us updated with your needs and watch for new developments as we work with our partners on the volunteer response. Let us work together to develop creative solutions that focus on the ever-changing situation, and be sure our primary focus is on the needs and safety of all in our community, and not necessarily rush to find ways to engage all those who have a heart to help immediately. There will continue to be needs identified and more ways that people can help.

Links to Information on COVID-19 - Coronavirus 

Montgomery County Government
Maryland Department of Health