Tax-Aide Volunteers

The RSVP/AARP Tax-Aide program provides free federal and state (Maryland) tax preparation services for low-to-moderate income taxpayers who live or work in Montgomery County.  

We are no longer recruiting volunteers for this tax season. If you would like to volunteer in the future, please check back here in Fall 2023.

Tax Aide Volunteers with County Executive

Read the descriptions below to find out which position is best for you!

Schedulers schedule Tax-Aide appointments. Schedulers work from home, using County-provided computer and telephone equipment. Working morning or afternoon shifts they answer the telephone and schedule taxpayer appointments using Acuity scheduling software.  They explain to taxpayers what information and items must be brought to their Tax-Aide appointment.  Learn more about Schedulers.

Facilitators (Greeters) welcome taxpayers on-site at specific libraries, community centers, and senior centers in Montgomery County. Working in tandem with Site Chiefs, Client Facilitators maintain the appointment logs, ensure that taxpayers are helped in an appropriate order, assist taxpayers in organizing paperwork making sure everything required is available, and assign each taxpayer to a Tax Counselor. Training is provided.  Learn more about Facilitators.

Tax Counselors work with taxpayers to prepare their federal and state (Maryland) taxes using IRS provided software. Counselors thoroughly interview taxpayers using a standard form, enter all tax data into software (TaxSlayer) and work with taxpayers to make sure that all data is complete and accurate. Another tax counselor at the site reviews each return for accuracy. Counselors are certified by the IRS after attending training classes (some in person, some virtual), completing various problem sets and practice runs, and passing several exams. Counselors volunteer at specific libraries, community centers, and senior centers in Montgomery County. Extensive training is provided.  Learn more about Tax Counselors.

Check out these great photos from the 2022 RSVP/AARP Tax-Aide Volunteer Appreciation Brunch.