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Community Service Week
October 21-28, 2018 - Save the Date! 


Plan group projects for the week of Oct 21-28. Post them as opportunities on our website and they'll be linked on our October calendar. 

Fill out the Community Service Week Project Form to apply for funding to help pay for project materials. 


Keep an eye on the October Calendar and sign up for projects. New projects will be added regularly.

If you have a project you'd like to plan with your group, please fill out the Community Service Week Project Form. Groups and agencies can apply for funding to help pay for project materials. 


Contact Melissa Jackson at or 240-777-2613.
Or call the Volunteer Center's main line at 240-777-2600.

Watch 2017’s Community Service Week video produced by Comcast below! You'll see amazing volunteers and staff from Peerless Rockville; Interfaith Works; Button Farm Living History Center; and even a glimpse of a volunteer for Manna's food drive. 


Just a few photos from 2017! 
photo of volunteer helping project for Peerless Rockville cleaning Haiti Cemetary
One of the volunteers for Peerless Rockville clearing the Haiti Cemetary

volunteers staffing Manna Food Drive at Giant

A fabulous team of dad and son staffing the Manna Food drive at on of the Giant stores

CSW2017 Photo Album