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Standing Committees

There are currently six Council standing committees which are listed below. Each Committee has budget review and program oversight responsibilities. Some cross-cutting issues may be reviewed by two committees meeting jointly.

In some of the committees, an individual other than the Chair has been designated as the Lead Councilmember for an issue or group of issues. Lead Councilmembers take the initiative in developing agenda items in their areas of responsibility and act as chair of the committee when their items are being discussed.

Helpful Links:
  • View Committee Schedule: The Council Committee schedule is updated in the Council Calendar.
  • View Committee Agendas and Videos: Videos of the committee meetings can be viewed live through our online streaming site and can be viewed on-demand 24 hours after the meeting concludes.



Jurisdiction: Issues relating to Montgomery County Public Schools and Montgomery College.

Government Operations and Fiscal Policy


Jurisdiction: Economic and fiscal policy; spending affordability; County Government administrative departments; cable and telecommunications issues; technology issues; personnel and compensation issues; procurement policy; oversight of interagency teams on training, public information, procurement, and PEG (public, education, and government) cable television channels.

Health and Human Services


Jurisdiction: The health and human services agencies; libraries; the arts; culture, and the humanities.

Planning, Housing, and Economic Development


Jurisdiction: Master Plans and amendments to the zoning laws; issues related to parks and recreation, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, and the Montgomery County Planning Board; historic preservation; economic development; housing, and agricultural preservation.

Public Safety


Jurisdiction: The criminal justice system, including the Police Department, State's Attorney, Sheriff, the Courts, the Detention Center, and the Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission; Fire/Rescue; Animal Control and Office of Consumer Protection.

Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment


Jurisdiction: Water and sewer issues and the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission; issues relating to environmental protection and conservation, including forest conservation; solid waste issues, including the incinerator and landfills; issues relating to State and County roads and streets, including snow removal and street lighting.

Ad Hoc Committee on Liquor Control


Maryland State law establishes the framework and structure for alcohol control systems in Maryland counties, and Montgomery is no exception. The Ad Hoc Committee on Liquor Control may make recommendations to the Council that will require state action before implementation.

Jurisdiction: Policies, practices and systemic issues related to the County's Department of Liquor Control and its alcohol distribution to restaurants and retail beer and wine stores. The Committee will review, evaluate and make recommendations about alternative service delivery models and alcohol regulations and policies.

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