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Friday, March 6: Council Office will open at 10:00 am. Ad Hoc Liquor Control Meeting will start at 1:00 pm

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    Six long-time residents of Montgomery County, each of whom played a key role in Civil Rights changes that impacted the County, told their personal stories on Feb. 24 as they were honored by the County Council as part of a Black History Month commemoration event. At the event were, left to right; Council President George Leventhal, Councilmember Hans Riemer, honorees Odessa Shannon and Warren Crutchfield, Councilmember Sidney Katz, honoree Tina Clarke, Councilmember Nancy Floreen, honoree Harvey Zeigler, Councilmembers Nancy Navarro and Roger Berliner, honoree Ruby Reese Moone, Councilmember Craig Rice, honoree James Offord and Councilmembers Tom Hucker and Marc Elrich.Black History Month Tribute Video

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    The Council’s Ad Hoc Committee on Liquor Control is charged with evaluating, reviewing and making recommendations about the County’s Department of Liquor Control and its alcohol distribution to restaurants and beer and wine stores. Committee members include: Hans Riemer, Chair; George Leventhal, Council President; and Marc Elrich, Councilmember.

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    Tune In With The Council. . .

    Montgomery County Planning Board Chair Casey Anderson and Planning Board member Natali Fani Gonzalez were featured guests on En Sintonía con el Concejo de Montgomery, a weekly Council show on Radio America 1540 AM. They explained the role of the Planning Department in developing urban projects, the importance of community participation in the planning process and policies that work for affordable housing.Video Part 1 | Video Part 2 | Video Part 3 | Video Part 4

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    Year of the Goat. . .

    Council President George Leventhal and Councilmember Sidney Katz joined with residents to recognize Asian Lunar New Year, which begins on Feb. 19 as the 'Year of the Goat.' Asian Lunar New Year is a time of reunion, renewal and celebration for many residents in Montgomery County.

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    IFP Budget Model . . .

    The interactive fiscal plan is a budget model that measures the multi-year effect of alternative revenue and expenditure assumptions on the aggregate (all-agency) County operating budget. The model calculates the cumulative six-year effect of adjusting the assumed average annual rate of change for each major budget variable. The model displays the effect of these alternative assumptions on the sixth fiscal year. Click here to access the model.

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    18th County Council . . .

    The 18th County Council of Montgomery County was inaugurated on Dec. 1, 2014. Each member was elected to a four-year term. Seated, left to right: Hans Riemer, Nancy Floreen, George Leventhal and Tom Hucker. Standing: Roger Berliner, Sidney Katz, Nancy Navarro, Craig Rice and Marc Elrich. Photo by Clark W. Day

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