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Ride On Service Changes / Cambios en el horario

Effective Sunday, September 11, 2022 / A partir del domingo 11 de septiembre de 2022

We will adjust 24 Ride On bus routes starting Sunday, September 11, 2022, to improve efficiency. The changes reflect the continuing shift of resources toward schedule patterns prior to the COVID-19 health crisis. The new schedules are available on this page, and will also be available in print.

  • Route 4: Silver Spring-Kensington-Wheaton (timetable change)
  • Route 5: Silver Spring-Twinbrook Station (timetable change)
  • Route 9: Silver Spring-Wheaton (timetable change)
  • Route 10: Twinbrook Station-Hillandale (timetable change)
  • Route 15: Silver Spring-Langley Park (timetable change)
  • Route 16: Silver Spring-Takoma (timetable change)
  • Route 20: Silver Spring-Hillandale (timetable change)
  • Route 26: Montgomery Mall-Glenmont (timetable change)
  • Route 27: Hillandale - Adventist Healthcare White Oak Medical Center - Tech Road Park & Ride (map change)
  • Route 34: Aspen Hill-Friendship Heights (timetable change)
  • Route 37: Potomac - Wheaton (timetable change)
  • Route 38: Wheaton-White Flint (timetable change)
  • Route 43: Shady Grove-Traville Transit Center-Fallsgrove Center (timetable change)
  • Route 45: Rockville Regional Transit-Twinbrook/Rockville Senior Ctr (map change)
  • Route 46: Shady Grove/Montgomery College-MD355-Medical Center (timetable change)
  • Route 48: Wheaton-Rockville (timetable change)
  • Route 55: Rockville-Germantown Transit Center (timetable change)
  • Route 59: Rockville-Montgomery Village (timetable change)
  • Route 61: Shady Grove-Germantown Transit Center (timetable change)
  • Route 63: Rockville-Shady Grove (timetable change)
  • Route 79: Shady Grove-Germantown-Clarksburg (timetable change)
  • Route 83: Holy Cross Germantown-Milestone Park & Ride-Germantown Transit Center (timetable change)
  • Route 90: Shady Grove-Damascus-Milestone (certain trips) (map change)
  • Route 100: Shady Grove-Germantown Transit Center EXPRESS (timetable change)

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