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What is a bodyworks establishment?

A bodyworks establishment is a business that provides acupressure, reflexology or other practices that involve using one's hand to apply pressure on an individual's fully clothed body, or bare feet, to affect the electromagnetic energy, energetic field or energy meridians of the human body.

Who must apply for a Bodyworks Establishment license?

As required by Montgomery County Code 24-11; any person, partnership or corporation that operates an establishment that advertises bodywork services or where any employee, agent or contractor performs bodywork on an individual, must obtain a Bodyworks Establishment license.  Bodyworks includes the practice of reflexology and acupressure.

How does one obtain a Bodyworks Establishment license?

Bodyworks Establishment Application  
Application Fact Sheet

Is there a fee?

See the fee schedule to determine the appropriate fee.

What is the process for obtaining a Bodyworks Establishment license?

  • Submit a completed application and the fee.  A Use and Occupancy permit or receipt of submittal for a Use and Occupancy permit must be submitted with application.  

Use and Occupancy permits are obtained from the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services, 255 Rockville Pike, 2nd floor, Rockville, MD  20850 (240-777-0311).  If an establishment is a private residence and will have more than one client per day or ten clients per week, there is a requirement to obtain a low-impact residential Use and Occupancy permit.  Contact the Department of Permitting Services for more information.  A copy of the most recent fire inspection also must be submitted with the inspection.  Fire inspection applications are available at the Department of Permitting Services.  

  •  Applicants must also have fingerprinting and a criminal background check performed .  The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services has a service contract with All American Protection Services, LLC.  Visit their website for locations and more information.
  • If you are leasing the Property, you will need the approval of the Property Owner.  Please complete the Owner Authorization Form.