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Video Game License or Registration

What is a video game? 
A video game is any coin or token operated electronic device using or containing a video image or display.

Who must apply for a video game license?
The owner of a video game is required to obtain a license for each game operated by the public.

Who must apply for a video game registration? 
The owner of an establishment where video games are operated by the public must register the establishment.

When is a video game license or registration required? 
A video game license must be obtained for each video game and a video game registration must be obtained for the establishment prior to operating any video games kept for public amusement. This license does not apply in Town of Barnesville, Chevy Chase Village, Town of Chevy Chase, City of Gaithersburg, Town of Garrett Park, Town of Kensington, Town of Laytonsville, Town of Poolesville, City of Rockville, Town of Somerset and Town of Washington Grove.

How does one obtain a video game license or registration? 
Applications and information on the required attachments are available here:

Are there any fees?

See the fee schedule for any fees that may apply.

What is the process for applying for a Video Game License?

  • Submit the application and the fee.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.
  • The application and attachments will be reviewed and a license issued.

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