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Bikeways Program

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What are the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists on roadways?

  • Under Maryland law, bicycles are considered vehicles and have all the rights and responsibilities that apply to drivers of motorized vehicles. Specific information about bicycle rules and use can be found here .

Are bicyclists allowed to ride on sidewalks?

  • Yes, in Montgomery County bicyclists are allowed to bike on sidewalks. However, bicyclists are required to yield to pedestrians and use a bicycle lane when one is available to them.

How do I register my bicycle?

  • Click here to register your bicycle. It is also recommended that you read the informational flyer about theft prevention by clicking on the image below.
Rack Installation



How many miles of bike paths is MCDOT responsible for?

  • The County offers 90.1 miles of bike lanes, bike-friendly shoulders, and separated bike lanes countywide (including municipalities) which breaks down as:
    • 46.1 miles of properly marked bike lanes
    • 44.0 miles of bike-friendly shoulders
    • 0.3 miles of separated bike lanes
  • The County also offers 50.0 miles of signed shared roadway and 18.8 miles of sharrows for on-road cycling, as well as more than 250 miles of paved paths. MCDOT will be releasing a new online interactive map showing all of the bikeways this Fall.

Where can I find bicycle trails to where I want to go?

  • You can find the closest bicycle trails and paths near you through our interactive map. Click on the image below to access the map.
Bicycle Map

If I have a bicycle improvement request, what do I do?



What should I do if I would like a rack installed?

  • Please read the Bicycle Rack Installation form and the general facts about Bicycle Racks form by clicking on the images below. Once you have read those and believe that the area you would like a rack in is qualified, fill out the Bicycle Request Form.

Installation Form

Installation Form

Bicycle Racks Info

Bicycle Racks Info

Bicycle Request Form

Bicycle Request Form



What should I do in the case of a pothole or if a path needs to be fixed?

What is our relationship to park trails?

Rails-To-Trails Conversions

What about Citizen Involvement?

What other initiatives does Bikeways Program offer?


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