Building Safety Month 2023

Building Safety Month is an international campaign during the month of May to raise awareness about the importance of building safety. The campaign highlights the importance of modern and updated building codes to create safe and sustainable structures. At DPS, code officials work day in and day out to keep the public safe. 
As part of its annual Building Safety Month campaign, DPS offers free, residential deck maintenance safety inspections. This program, limited to the first 300 appointments, is now full. Homeowners can still find information about the permitting and inspections process for decks on the DPS website, including a deck maintenance checklist. Also, listen to the Department of Permitting Services Podcast for more info about deck inspections and permitting. Remember, DPS is your project partner! 
For more coverage of Building Safety Month locally, see the links below: 

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Building Safety Week 1-  Building Safety Starts at Home

Building Safety Month Week 2 -  Building Safety Professionals and  You

Building Safety Month Week 3 -  Prepare Your Community

Building Safety Month Week 4 - Advocate for Your Community

Building Safety Month Week 5 - Solving Challenges Together

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