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Several Montgomery County Departments and/or Agencies, outside of DPS, may require inspections from the Division of Fire Prevention and Code Compliance as part of their licensing process. The process below applies only to new child care, day care, private education institutions, summer camps, adoptions, foster care, group homes, behavioral health facilities, health care facilities, bed and breakfasts, state vehicle inspection sites, spas and body works locations, enterprise locales, detention centers, and migrant worker facilities.

The Fire Marshal inspection required by outside agencies is now part of the Fire Code Compliance (FCC) permit. This process only applies to you if you are providing a new service or opening a new facility. For renewals please see the renewal process box in our FCC permits process page.

At this time, we are requesting that all permit applications and payments, including supporting documentation for review, be submitted electronically. In lieu of paper documents, please email [email protected] to provide the required information for review.


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