wood studs and electrical wiring at a basement being finished in a single family home

A permit is required prior to reconstruction or renovation to an existing structure other than a repair. A permit is not required for painting, wallpapering, replacing a faucet, installing countertops, installing hardwood floors or tiles or carpeting if no structural changes are performed. Reconstruction includes partial demolition (that does not require a demolition permit) and rebuilding a structure or building.

If your construction project includes both alteration and addition to the structure you will receive an Add/Alter permit.

If your project includes an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) such as accessory apartment, granny pod, backyard cottage or carriage house, among others, please read the applicable requirements. 

DPS is no longer accepting paper permit applications or plans. Information must be submitted using our eServices programs. For assistance with eServices, please email [email protected].