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Montgomery County Executive Regulation #27-01AM, under the Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA), allows examination of permitting records. You may request copies and/or review available permit-related documents. Please note that customized records will not be generated to fulfill a public information request as outlined in the MPIA. DPS tracks all record requests from receipt of request to response.

DPS fees for processing record requests are governed under Montgomery County Executive Regulation #27-01AM under the MPIA. After the first two hours, there is an additional fee of $48 an hour for research, retrieval and reproduction of the requested materials.

If a records request is not picked up or reviewed within two weeks of notification, the request will be cancelled without a refund.

DPS does not have jurisdictions for properties located within the city limits of Rockville (240-314-5000) and Gaithersburg (301-258-6330). Please contact the municipalities directly.



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