Meet the Director

DPS Director

Mitra Pedoeem was appointed as Director for Permitting Services on April 21, 2020. Mitra has more than 38 years of expert knowledge in public administration, organization, and leadership for different levels of government. Her distinguished career is focused on technology led initiatives that has enabled her to develop and implement diverse programs with substantial productivity and process improvements. Mitra has an outstanding commitment to customer service and is known for her ability to streamline government functions to better serve communities and business.

Mitra began her career as a bridge engineer with the State Highway Administration designing bridges for the State of Maryland for five years. Later, she moved on to a new career as the only structural engineer for the Montgomery County Department of Transportation. In that capacity she developed major capital improvement programs for various transportation facilities.

In 2001, she decided to expand her horizon within the Montgomery County Government and started working with the Office of Management and Budget as a senior budget analyst to expand her knowledge of government organization and operation.

This led to her amazing career with the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission, where she began work in 2004 as the Chief of Construction for Montgomery Parks managing all aspects of construction for park facilities. Her final position with the Parks Department was as the Deputy Director of Administration from 2014 to 2019. During this time, she led over 180 staff across five administrative divisions within Montgomery Parks. These included Park Planning and Environmental Stewardship, Parks Development, Management Services (including HR and training), Information Technology and Innovation, Customer Service and Public Affairs.

"I want to make Montgomery County a place where all residents and business can pursue their dreams for a better life. She is committed to the 4Business (Benchmarking to Be the Best Business) initiative to make Montgomery County a welcoming place for economic growth and for businesses to come, to stay and to prosper." Mitra Pedoeem, April 2020

Mitra Pedoeem has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from the University of Maryland.

Hadi Mansouri

Hadi Mansouri

Chief Operating Officer

Hadi is the COO, Department of Permitting Services and County's Chief Building Official.  He has served the residents and businesses of Montgomery County for 30 years.  Mansouri has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from George Washington University. His has extensive expertise in projects of all sizes and types of construction.   His leadership skills in working with clients on large complex and smaller development projects has facilitated business growth in Montgomery County while assuring the safety of the occupants of all buildings.  Hadi is committed to excellent customer service at all levels and encourages customers to reach out to him if they need assistance.


Rick Merck

Steve Thomas  Chief - Commercial Building Construction

The Commercial Building Construction Division is responsible for processing Commercial Building Permits, Mechanical and Electrical permit applications, issuing permits, and maintaining records. Commercial Building seeks correction of unpermitted building, electrical and mechanical code violations through a complaints program. The division is also responsible for conducting damage assessments during natural and other disasters and incidents and provides assistance in disaster recovery efforts.


Hemal Mustafa

Hemal Mustafa

Division Chief - Fire Prevention and Code Compliance and Acting Commercial Building Construction

The Division of Fire Prevention and Code Compliance (FPCC) has the responsibility and authority to plan, manage, coordinate, implement, inspect, analyze, document, license and facilitate all fire and life safety aspects of new construction (processes) environment in Montgomery County.


Linda Kobylski

LInda Kobylski

Division Chief - Land Development 

The Division of Land Development regulates all aspects related to land improvement including stormwater management, sediment control, well and septic, soils testing, and any construction activity related to the public right of way. The division reviews plans, issues permits and performs inspections for all types of land improvement activities.


George Muste

George Muste, Chief, Residential Contruction

Division Chief - Residential Construction and Intake

The Residential Construction and Intake Division promotes public safety through the effective administration and enforcement of residential building, structural, electrical, mechanical, and energy conservation codes. We process permit applications, issue permits, perform inspections, conduct investigations and damage assessments and help in disaster recovery efforts.


Ehsan Motazedi

Division Chief - Zoning and Site Plan Enforcement

Zoning regulates the form, size, shape, height, and mass of structures on land in Montgomery County. It also regulates the uses that are allowed on the property. This division enforces Chapter 59 of the Montgomery County Code. The Zoning and site plan enforcement division is committed to assisting businesses and communities with signs and events. We also protect communities through enforcement of zoning laws and ensure that communities are constructed as approved in site plans.