Specific Submittal Requirements

  • The first character in the sheet file name should start with discipline designator, example: "A" for architectural, "S" for structural, "C: for civil, "DM" for demolition and "x" for other disciplines.
  • Each sheet/drawing must have a sheet reference number; the sheet/drawing number is the 3-digit number with leading zeroes. Please see the tables below for reference.
  • The sheet/drawing name must identify the floor(s) or similar pertinent information, such as: General (symbols legend, notes, etc.), Plans (horizontal views), Elevations (vertical views), Sections (sectional views, wall sections or sections that are not in details), Details, Schedules and Diagrams, User Defined (for types that do not fall in other categories, including typical detail sheets)
  • ALL sheets/drawings must contain a page number (page X of Y).
  • Ensure that all details are submitted under the correct discipline.


Sheet/Drawing Type Discipline Designator Sheet/Drawing Reference Number Acceptable ePlans File Name
General,Construction Notes 0 (zero) 001-999 001-Cover Sheet
Architectrual A 001-999 A002-2nd Level FL
Structural S 001-999 S003-3rd FL Framing
Zoning/Site Plan Z 001-999 Z001-Site Plan
Energy Conservation EC 001-999 EC001-Envelope
Electrical E 001-999 E001-Elec Riser

Note: 001 denotes the first page in a set of drawings, the file name for the second page would end in 002 and so on.


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