Specific Submittal Requirements

  • Plans showing the limits of the right-of-way with existing features, including any impacted roadside tree(s), the proposed construction and its location within the right-of-way.
    • If roadside trees are impacted, a Tree Protection Plan may be required.
  • Each plan sheet must be uploaded as a single file PDF using the correct file name convention.
  • Plans must be uploaded into the Drawings folder and Supporting Documents into the Documents folder.
  • Plans should only be uploaded to the Revisions folder if revising a previously issued permit.
  • If residential, proof of ownership may be required if current tax records do not reflect property ownership.
  • Other drawings and documents may be required as determined by the plans reviewer.


Sheet/Drawing Type Sheet/Drawing Reference Number Acceptable ePlans File Name Number of Characters
Driveway 001-999 DWY001 6

Note: 001 denotes the first page in a set of drawings, the file name for the second page would end in 002 and so on.

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